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  Register of Deeds, Dodge County, Ne
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 LandShark is a web-based tool for the location and retrieval of land record documents.  LandShark allows  you to view an index of documents and images .

If  you are a company in Nebraska, simply email us your name and address and send us a check for $100.00.   Upon receipt of your check,  an escrow account will be set up in your name to keep track of  the daily activitiy.  You will be charged  $1.00 per search of  legal description  and $1.00  per document retrieval which will be taken from your escrow accout of $100.00.  A balance is shown of the credit you have left.    If you have further questions, call Carol at 402-720-6789.

You are always welcomed to visit our office located in the courthouse at 435 North Park, Fremont, Nebraska anytime from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



 LANDSHARK : JAN 1, 1998

WELCOME  to the first Dodge County, Nebraska data website.
 For information in accessing our website, please click the "About" tab to the left.

FOR BEST RESULTS AND ACCURACY WHEN SEARCHING ALWAYS  USE THE LAST NAME SEARCH.  Check grantor/grantee name as well as legal description.( This also provides the state and federal name search.)
Be sure to check a last name that has a space, by typing it both ways such as: Von Camp and VonCamp. You may  narrow the search by the instrument type  grouping.

TO SEARCH BY LEGAL DESCRIPTION,  click on tab that says legal and click on plat name and  start typing the  subdivision name in the second field over. . If you need index pages prior to 1998  click on tract tab located under the search tab. Click plat and start typing the subdivision name in the second field over, and click on the appropriate one you need.

When searching grantor/grantee  by city or county, check both ways:
City  of    &    Fremont, City of .

AT 402-720-6789.


 THANK YOU for using Landshark.

Carol Givens

 Register of Deeds
Dodge County Nebraska



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